Audition date: August 14th, 2021

Time: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 pm

Rehearsal dates: TBD

Show dates: Friday & Saturday, October 15- October 30th

Director: Dustin Bartee

Please be prepared to list any known conflict dates from September -October.

Readings will be provided for auditions.


During an awful amateur performance of the play “Murder Me Always” , an actual murder takes place off stage. The Director is shot. The “fake” murder mystery play comes to a screeching halt and a “real” murder mystery begins.


Director – Is the director of the “fake”* play, has a wee bit of a temper and somewhat ‘controlling’ but can reverse gears and pour on the charm in an instant. (35-55)

Wanda Hawthorne – the Femme Fatale character of the “fake” play and somewhat the same type of character in the “real” play. Can be stern and sweet. (35-50)

Fritz Fontaine – appears to be a typical pompous actor who must have his way. Might utilize both an English style accent and a plain gruff style voice. (35-50)

Henry – a bumbling forgetful type. The actor who never really has his lines down and is never quite sure where he is supposed to be or when he is supposed to be there. (55-75)

Trixie– the assistant director who is in reality a policewoman. She is very eager to please but also contains an edge to her that will not take ‘guff’ from anyone. (25-45)

Muffy – a spoiled rich girl who overacts on stage and overacts in life. When she was a child, she would stomp her foot and have a tantrum to get her way. Would still do that now if she could get away with it. (55-75)

Blake – the male version of Muffy in some aspects, but a little more devious and shady. (55-75)

Detective Joe Mamet – a crime fighter lifted right out of a 1940’s detective novel. Most likely gets assigned this kind of case because his department doesn’t want him dealing with the public too much. He may frighten them with his picturesque and dated dialogues. (30-45)

Drew Graham – Probably got into acting because he couldn’t find a rock band to hire him. Thought he could meet girls by doing “Community Theatre”. Drew is not the sharpest tool in the shed. (18-35)

Dolores – somewhat of the typical plain Jane -librarian type. Her only social life would be acting in plays. Probably has a lot of cats at home. (40-55)

Cab Driver – typical cab driver i.e. may have a New York accent. This part also requires some interaction with the audience. It is important that whoever plays this role can ad lib and think on their feet. (25-45)